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  • The Shoelastcomps began in 1957, from the initiative and courage of two brothers, Acacio Faria Lopes and Alberto Faria Lopes.
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    • It was born from the beginning in Pousos, Leiria, where the first mechanical factories of wooden soles for footwear were born in Portugal.
      We have a production capacity of at least 600 pairs per day, and 39 professional workers. Besides the national market, we also export to the following continents: Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

Company History

  • Shoelastcomps was born in Leiria in 1956 and its roots link to the first shoe last company set up in Portugal in 1937 in the same city.
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    • It is the oldest shoe last company still operating in Portugal.


  • The Shoelastcomps has always sought to carry out its activity, respecting values and professional ethics.
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    • For the commercial working group with a personal relationship. The work is done by people to people. In these set of values we include, among other.


    In our companies work talented people who are dedicated to the success of our clients.
    • Therefore, we give priority to quality, guarantee support and safety to our customers and favor the speed of service. Reasons that justify being a market.

      Modelling (Execution of Models)
      (Model Execution)

      Our main focus is on modeling, having the best technicians and equipment.

      Kit Shoe Components
      (shoe kit)

      Set of components to produce shoes.
  • Vision

    The Shoelastcomps aims to meet customer needs and respond competently, effectively and promptly to their requests. Read more »
    • Innovation and design are the DNA of the Group in the engineering of its products, having for this purpose created and developed the best modeling in Portugal in the design of soles models.
  • Mission

    Work, competence, loyalty and respect are factors that strengthen our relationship with customers. Read more »
    • The pleasure and pride that we put in the work are the result that lead us to the success of our customers. That is why the Group sees in its work a vocation of customer service.
  • Values

    The Shoelastcomps, in addition to the products they produce, create and invest in professional and friendly relationships. Read more »
    • So in every difficulty of dialogue and respect are presuppositions for a solution.


Get to know our work methods through our quality services.

  • From an early age the Shoelastcomps worried about the environmental consequences…
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    • of its products after their use.For this purpose it sensitised its clients to return the mentioned polyethylene shoe last back, under certain conditions, to our facilities so that they can be recycled and reused in the production cycle again.The response was overwhelmingly positive and we can state that though the raw material used, is exclusively polyethylene (plastic), the environmental damage is almost non-existent.
  • The heart of our enterprise is in the modelling department. So we have the best technicians and equipment…
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    • that can respond with accuracy, speed and proximity to our clients’ needs.Because we know that the success of our modelling department is the success of our clients’ economic activity, our modellers are in constant training without forgetting to endow them with new skills.Only like this can we continue to be market leaders.
  • Since our existence we have accumulated a collection of models and knowledge about fashion that makes us unique when…
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    • it comes to the access to the history of footwear fashion in Portugal.Today, wanting, we can touch on yesterday’s distant or recent footwear.Today, we are certain that we create the future with our wisdom and art.
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