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The Faria and Brother Group was a pioneer in the process of utilization and recycling products in discontinuity. We acquire the soles already used to transform into raw material for the production of new soles.

Ecology and environmental balance are an essential part of our production process.

The Faria and Brother Group seeks to be aware of the normal and natural difficulties of its working community and of the various partners that collaborate with the Group.

We understand that physical health, emotional, etc… should be part of our concerns.

Only then do we meet the requirements of a working and community organization, which for the Group is its moral and ethical base.

The Faria and Brother Group is part of several national and international organizations and associations that care about a happier and more humane economy.

Profit, being essential and necessary, should not be obtained at any price.

Recycling of Raw Material

From an early age the Group Faria & Brother worried about the environmental consequences of its products after their use.
For this purpose it sensitised its clients to return the mentioned polyethylene shoe last back, under certain conditions, to our facilities so that they can be recycled and reused in the production cycle again.
The response was overwhelmingly positive and we can state that though the raw material used, is exclusively polyethylene (plastic), the environmental damage is almost non-existent.

Modelling (Execution of models)

The heart of our enterprise is in the modelling department.
Therefore, we have the best technicians and equipment that can respond with accuracy, speed and proximity to our clients’ needs.
Because we know that the success of our modelling department is the success of our clients’ economic activity, our modellers are in constant training without forgetting to endow them with new skills.
Only like this can we continue to be market leaders.


Since our existence we have accumulated a collection of models and knowledge about fashion that makes us unique when it comes to the access to the history of footwear fashion in Portugal.
Today, wanting, we can touch on yesterday’s distant or recent footwear.
Today, we are certain that we create the future with our wisdom and art.


The production of shoe last meets the most demanding technical and control procedures.
All production stages are carefully controlled, checking for imperfections and measures which are not in accordance with technical requirements.